Unplanned system downtime is responsible for over half of business disruptions and costs over a half-million dollars on average. They can be caused by a variety of reasons such as security threats, incorrect setup, and inexperienced configuration.
The foundation of a network infrastructure dictates the operation of all connected devices. Poor design and cheap cable quality can be the cause of unplanned network outages and efficiency difficulties, costing businesses substantial time and money – even customers.
If you are looking for an initial consultation, a complimentary meeting can get you started with your networking solution or if you need system analysis or design help, we can come to your assistance.
If you need support with your existing network, we fix and troubleshoot any networking issues caused by DIYs and other IT service professionals.
Contact us and we will diagnose your network problems and send a technician to the comfort of your own business or home to diagnose your issues.

If you are experiencing:

  • Network connection problems, the Internet is down or not working
  • Computer login issues, adding or resetting username and password
  • Server access issues, unexpected restarts or cannot connect
  • Email issues, not connecting to the server or Outlook isn’t working
  • Wi-Fi concerns, access points are down or slow wireless speed
  • And more...

Wireless Network

Wireless Access Points (WAP) allow devices to access your network and Internet connection without cables. By using wireless networks, new devices don’t need to go through a costly cabling installation and, if done properly, security and speed aren’t sacrificed for ease of accessibility.
A safe rule of thumb to remember in terms of technology and networking: the level of convenience usually equals the amount of risk. For example, it’d be very convenient for you to be required only a username and no password for online accounts but, as we know, it’d be very risky. The same goes for wireless network connections.
You want guests (be it employees or visitors) to connect their devices to the network but don’t want to weaken security. Whether you’re part of the over 50% with unsecure guest access or want to introduce wireless access to your networking infrastructure, we can help you produce a secure signal for authorized access.