We provide onsite computer repair. That means we drive all over the San Antonio area and come to you. Our technicians come to you and repair any computer problems you may have.
Is your Windows or Mac computer acting up or not starting at all? Is a virus limiting you from getting your work done? Did you drop your laptop and the screen is cracked?
Contact us and we will diagnose your computer problems and send a technician to the comfort of your own business or home to repair your computer.
We perform all types of computer repair services!

Services we Provide

  • Diagnose your computer problems and fully repair them
  • Find potential upgrades to make your computer faster
  • Physically clean out computer of all dust and debris
  • Clean & Tune-up to make the computer as fast as it was when you bought it
  • Test all Hardware to ensure things won’t break in the near future
  • Tutor on how to keep your computer clean
  • Tutor on how to avoid re-infecting your computer
  • And more...

Common PC Repairs

  • Remove even the most stubborn computer viruses
  • Recover your data in the event of your computer dying, or any other situation
  • Replace cracked screens on all types of PC and Apple laptops and All-In-One computers
  • Set up your new computer and transfer all of your data(documents, pictures, software, settings)
  • Replace or upgrade your computer parts.
  • We can help with any type of printer or email problems
  • And more...

Windows Servers

Servers are dedicated high performance computers that run applications and store data on redundant hard-drive storage systems. Typically end-users access those programs, applications and data using a shared network connection.
Aged or inadequate hardware (3.5+ years) has had a negative impact on server uptime and reliability for half of all businesses. Servers are open to double the risks, physical and digital damages from hardware failure to cybersecurity.
There are a number of software and hardware reasons that can cause these problems, requiring a professional evaluation to be properly fixed without adding other hassles. These are some of the more common problems that businesses have with servers:

  • Server running slow, not responding, or frequently down
  • Data center or computer crashing, overheating, beeping, or making unusual noises
  • Screen freezes up or doesn’t turn on
  • Virus, malware infection, or error message
  • Login issues, add/remove users or new employee setup for workstation
  • Unable to locate shared files or missing folders
  • Security alerts/warnings; computers locked up, popup message on screen, all files suddenly encrypted
  • And more...